Delivering on the Impossible

The mission brief was clear: one multi-lingual, multi-currency, cross-platform app for Africa in 90-days! Ecobank was clear in their mission- and Cellulant knew that now one would deliver the job better than us. After all, we delivered the eWallet for the Growth Enhancement Scheme in Nigeria in 3-months- so why couldn’t we deliver an banking app in the same amount of time? Basically- we were the guys who had the greatest chance of succeeding and delivering on Ecobank’s expectations.

When it came to choosing a leader for the team that would undertake the job, our CEO chose a veteran in the game- Kenn Lisudza. He is one of the 17 team members who delivered the Celullant eWallet- currently powering the largest financial inclusion project in Africa.

Just as quickly, Lisudza chose a multi-country team of 11, flew them to Ghana and the work began. The rest- as they might say- is history. Right?

“When the challenge came to the table- I knew I was the guy for the job. More importantly, I needed to be up to the challenge,” Lisudza recalls. “ The team worked hard, put up with the pressures from me and the customer without blinking. They were up early, slept late – sometimes on the floors of Ecobank offices. Even when it seemed like it was not possible, we worked together to make sure we never lost sight of the goal.”

The Ecobank app has been acclaimed as one of the best banking apps in Africa and if you are an Ecobank customer, you can understand why. Sleek design, seamless sign-in, and access of all services at the customers’ fingertips.  

And as Lisudza will tell you- the project was complete in 84 days. How is that for #makepossible?

Payments in Africa is not a novelty- it is the foundation of building great economies at scale in Africa. Teams at Cellulant are driven by the ever increasing awareness that the work we do is the glue that connects everyone to everything everyday. With initiatives such as this led by businesses that think big, and act boldly, the next five years will be very definitive in transforming the payment landscape in Africa.


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