Hi, I’m the New Rookie

From the moment you walked into Cellulant, you knew what it was about. Glass walls with marker-pen writings on them. Colorful decor, representative of a space that breeds creativity.

Young people hammering away on their keyboard, adding to a screen filled some high-level programming language. You just walked into a tech company – Cellulant.

Received at the door

They knew you were coming, so from the moment you step out on the 6th floor of the building, you’re received by your new learning and development manager. She introduces you to your new team and explains a list of the things you need to do to get filed into the system and start on your tasks. You nod your head in agreement to all her instructions, nervous that you’re only grasping 10% of it, but still excited because hey, you got an internship at CELLULANT!


After a week…

You’re now getting the hang of things, like where the mandazi everyone is always having for breakfast comes from and the finesse with which everything is maintained, starting with the lavatories to every single document produced by these ‘Cellulanters’. Openness and transparency is apparent by the layout of the office. You’ll get a supervisor – a well-educated manager who knows something about everything and everything about something. The perfect blend to challenge your rookie mind and occasionally send you to bed that evening in a state of mental fatigue that you never thought existed. People are smart. Ivy league babies with a knack for excellence – the side of Africa that the media never told you about.

She loves me…. She loves me not…

The best thing about working at Cellulant is the people. They are welcoming but not suffocating, friendly but not overbearing. A diverse mix of culture. Couple that with the mountain of projects you will be entrusted with and you have a back-breaking lover, hard to impress and pushes to edges you never thought you could stand on. So you use the learning experience and guidance that you get from your mentors as the incentive to carry on.

How would you move Mt. Kenya to Nairobi?

For those not familiar with this question, it’s the only interview question on Cellulant’s website. A mark of of difference. A place that could be nothing short of a learning experience for anyone to broaden their skills, learn from people in the industry and also be humbled as you get to see first hand the hard work and dedication people put in to run a successful, thriving business.

What’s your answer?



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