Made in Africa Goes Global

Nigeria’s e-Wallet AgriTech being adopted in Afghanistan The eWallet technology that is running the largest financial inclusion project in Africa has become a global solution. The Ministry of Agriculture Irrigation & Livestock in Afghanistan has engaged Cellulant Nigeria to commence the process of establishing a market-based input distribution technology. The aim of this collaborative effort…

Cellulant Joins DIAL’s work to strengthen core mobile services and aggregation

In April 2017, the Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) organized a workshop with representatives from both the mobile sector as well as the digital service providers (DSPs) in the humanitarian and development space, to understand how the two sectors can work together to leverage core mobile channels to reach underserved populations. Many interesting ideas emerged, ranging from the…

*tingg- A new kind of banking

Financial Inclusion in Nigeria is no longer a tag-line…..

There are stories that are told with words, and there are stories that are better expressed with a map, just like the story of the Neighbourhood bankers in their red uniform, and  red boxes, taking over the financial landscape for the underbanked and the unbanked people of Nigeria. 

Mobile Commerce Transforming African Economies At Scale

At the market opening on March 31, the London Stock Exchange (LSE) launched a report featuring “Companies to Inspire Africa”.  Roughly 50% of the companies featured in the report for propelling growth in the continent are in the Financial Services and Technology/Telecoms sectors. According to the report, in almost 10 years, there has been a…

Report Launch: More 600,000 Nigerian Farmers Financially Included in 2016 Dry Season

Cellulant recently  launched a report highlighting the impact of technology on transforming agriculture across Africa particularly with the “Nigeria: Growth Enhancement Support Scheme (GES) Dry Season, 2016.”  The report highlights key progress on food security and financial inclusion for farmers across 30 states in Nigeria. The program set out to service 500,000 farmer-households in 4…

Mobile Apps: If You Build Them, Will Customers Come?

Ultimately, the institutions that will win on mobile are those that increase adoption to levels which enable them convert mobile into a heavily profitable channel and thus obtain a true competitive advantage.

How to Be a Rebel and Build a Business at the Same Time

For me, it was never about the money. Rather the ability that you could, almost from a blank sheet, create and build something, just out of your own mind and out of your own thought and shape it into whatever it could become.